Synthetic Blackberry

Screened at Nesta’s Futurefest, 2012.

Synesthesia can be experienced in many ways, the involuntary cross over of neurological signals can enable a sound to trigger a perception of colour, texture or audio signals to trigger a gustatory reaction.  Even for the non synesthete our perception of taste can be significantly altered by the sensory information which surrounds us.  Olfactory recall is one of the strongest.

Imagining our relationship with food in the distant future, this short film explores how our perception of flavour could be altered and composed by the manipulation of audio and visual stimuli, an imagined harnessing of this neurological data flow.  In a world with diminishing natural resources, and ingredients we know today extinct, shape, colour, sound, and textures become the ingredients with which taste can be composed and rediscovered.

For the screening of ‘Synthetic Blackberry’ the auditorium was scented with a hedgerow perfume.