Project O, 2012

Creative Direction Andrew Stellitano / Development Holition / Sound Design Julian Brown


Project “(O)” seamlessly merges virtual reality into our surrounding environment, creating an infinite virtual advertising space.  The iPad application uses print based advertising as a portal through which brands and products can be explored and purchased in an immersive and fully interactive landscape.

Consumers are taken on a journey into a virtual space inspired by Japanese Karesansui or Zen gardens. This interactive landscape, triggered by pointing the iPad at the printed advert, can be explored using the devices gyroscopes to navigate, tilting and rotating the device to manoeuvre.

The spheres within the landscape can be touched to revealing a spherical image and accompanying soundscape.  These spheres are representative of individual products in this case an imagined fragrance (O), the fragrance bottle would then be clicked to purchase.


Download (O)

To download the iPad application please visit iTunes and to download or view the Advert to trigger the App please click here.